Introduction of the Artist - Mr. Jiacai Yin (Grand Master)

Mr. Jiacai Yin (right pictured with his artworks) is one of the few Grand Master of papercut artist in China. He is also the member of Chinese Artist Association, Chinese Papercut Research Institute, and Jiangsu Folk Art Association. He graduated from Nanjing Art Institute in 1962. Through more than thirty years' research, creation, and practice of papercut works, Mr. Yin has formed his own unique style, which is the combination of simplicity with elegance and meticulous with grace. Mr. Yin's papercut works vividly represent various topics such as flowers, animals, and figures from Chinese classical novels and legends. Many pieces of his papercut works have been collected by art museums, galleries, and private collectors all over the world. In recent years, Mr. Yin has been invited to many countries such as Japan, Australia, Italy,and Germany to demonstrate on site of his papercut skills and works.