Frequently Asked Questions

Are the all paintings originals?

Yes, all of my paintings are originals.  They are not prints.

Where do these paintings come from and who are the artists?

All these paintings are collected from China.  They are painted by a dozen of professional artists over there.

Are these paintings been framed?

All these paintings have been either framed or mounted.  The framed ones are done by traditional Chinese method - mounted on three layers of rice paper with brocade border and scrolled onto a scroll pin.  They are ready to hang and no further framing is needed.  The mounted ones were also mounted on three layers of rice paper with brocade border but they will require framing.

What are these XL, L, M, S  sizes in inch measures?

XL: one side longer than 50 inches;
L:    one side longer than 30 inches;
M:  one side longer than 20 inches;
S:    both sides shorter than 20 inches.

What packaging material is used to ship the paintings?

Premium Kraft mailing tubes of  2.5" or 3" diameter.  The length varies to accommodate the actual length of the painting.

What delivery method is used and how much is the S/H cost?

All paintings will be delivered by insured First Class or Priority Mail of US Postal Service
US buyers: A flat $6.00 fee for single item or multiple items which can be combined putting into one mailing tube.
International buyers: You pay the actual postage.
Free S/H for any single item or multiple items (during one bidding period) when the value is more than $100.

What kind guarantee do I have?

You have the  'no questions asked' guarantee.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may first send me a notice through e-mail, then return it within 30 days from the shipping date.  I will refund your money when I receive the painting or you may exchange it for another painting.

Can I order a painting which is not shown on your auction list?

You can send me an e-mail at and let me know what you hope to get.  I can either look into my collection or ask around.