Introduction of the Artist -  Bing Xu  and Gong Bi Style Painting

Mr. Bing Xu – a renowned Chinese Gong Bi (Fine Pen-Brush) artist, was born in 1956 at Nanjing, China. Fostered and nurtured by a family of scholars and artists. Mr. Xu committed his life to become a Gong Bi artist at age of 12.  He graduated from Nanjing Art Institute in 1981 and went two years graduate study emphasizes in Gong Bi style painting under two famous Gong Bi Master artists - Mr. DeQuan Zhang and GiGao Yu.   Through more than thirty years study and dedicated practice, Mr. Xu has perfected and refined a variety of techniques, which bring the realism and liveliness of the subjects (especially the figures, flowers, birds, and cats) in his paintings. His work gained international recognition with exhibition in China, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Singapore.  Art galleries and private collectors have collected many of his masterpieces.

Literally translated, Gong Bi means Fine Pen-Brush. As the name implies, the style emphasizes the pen-brush skill of the artist to render beautiful colors and fine details while maintaining realism and liveliness. Characterized by its explicit lines, colors, and detail, Gong Bi paintings are truly uniquely to compare with the traditional Chinese paintings. The Gong Bi style began approximately two thousands years ago during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) and reached its peak between the Tang and Song Dynasties (618 AD - 1279 AD) when the style was favored, supported, and collected by the Emperors of China. Because of the technical skills required for the Gong Bi style, the artist must devote much of their lifetime to perfect the techniques. For this reason, Gong Bi paintings were only available to those who can afford to fund and foster Gong Bi artists. Thus, the style remained in secret behind the closed walls of royal palaces and a few very rich private residences until the early 19th century.