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yinphoto.jpg (8527 bytes)                      Introduction of the Artist - Mr. Jiacai Yin (Grand Master)

Mr. Jiacai Yin (left pictured with his artworks) is one of the few Grand Master of papercut artist in China. He is also the member of Chinese Artist Association, Chinese Papercut Research Institute, and Jiangsu Folk Art Association. He graduated from Nanjing Art Institute in 1962. Through more than thirty years' research, creation, and practice of papercut works, Mr. Yin has formed his own unique style, which is the combination of simplicity with elegance and meticulous with grace. Mr. Yin's papercut works vividly represent various topics such as flowers, animals, and figures from Chinese classical novels and legends. Many pieces of his papercut works have been collected by art museums, galleries, and private collectors all over the world. In recent years, Mr. Yin has been invited to many countries such as Japan, Australia, Italy,and Germany to demonstrate on site of his papercut skills and works.
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zodiacs.jpg (21068 bytes)
Traditional Decoration
dragon2s.jpg (20567 bytes)
Dragon, Tiger,  Horse, Etc.
blupeacocks.jpg (20977 bytes)
Bird and Flower
reddream2s.jpg (15638 bytes)
Legendary Figures
ZPhoto.jpg (18637 bytes)                                Introduction of the Artist - Yongshou Zhang (Grand Master)

Mr. Yongshou Zhang is one of most renowned folk artists in China. He is the fifth generation of a legendary papercut family. During nearly seventy years practice and study, Mr. Zhang has created more than thousands styles of papercut art works. His papercuts vividly depict different facets of Chinese culture, landscaping, architecture, and many subjects of the nature world. As a result of his creative and uncanny skills, the papercut art has evolved from an ordinary folk handcraft to a sophisticated art form, which blends the charm of traditional Chinese painting, the fineness of embroidery, and the form of Western sculpture. Mr. Zhang is particularly interested in the subtle and different shapes, styles, and movements of chrysanthemum and butterfly. After a decade of study, he has refined more than one hundred styles of chrysanthemum and butterfly papercuts, which are not only the best works of his papercuts, but also became the representative works of Chinese papercut art. His works have influenced many papercut artists of younger generations. Mr. Zhang had held personal exhibitions in Japan, Southeast Asian, and Europe. In China, an art museum exclusively displaying his works was established in 1984.
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mum2s.jpg (12244 bytes)
Flower and Bird
peking5s.jpg (16231 bytes)
Scenery Spot and Landmark
yzwpanda5s.jpg (14756 bytes)
Variety of Animals
8sagess.jpg (15688 bytes)
Traditional Decor and Figure

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